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Protecting You From Online “infections” During Covid-19

We’ve all been impacted by the limitations and concerns that have become commonplace in our lives during the worldwide response to the threat of Covid-19 infections.  Online scammers know how to exploit the natural fears and concerns that come in trying times like this and there have been several phishing scams that have propagated on the Internet recently that take advantage of our natural curiosity for answers and information.  You can learn more about some of these here:

But, with Sentrie, your Android mobile device is protected against these kinds of phishing scams.  Even if you unintentionally download a phishing agent, Sentrie makes you invisible to the phishing service and your private information will not be transmitted from your device. 

We wish we had the answer to stopping the Covid-19 virus itself from being spread, but we are happy to be able to help stop the spread of online viruses, phishing schemes, and other malware that try to make this trying time even more difficult.


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