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The Changing Tech Environment and How to Protect Yourself

As we stay home to protect ourselves and our loved ones during the pandemic, we are unified in our increased need for technology to live our lives as we normally do. Technology has become our office, our playground, and our home. Now more than ever, it is necessary to protect our virtual selves in this new world of technology.

The dangers of technology are not new, but it is now more important than ever to protect ourselves from cyber-attacks. While we will one day be able to experience life how we did before COVID-19, our reliance on technology has become a consistent part of our new normal.

To protect our financial and personal well-being online, we must create a barrier between us and those that will use our connection with technology for personal gain. With Sentrie (™), your Android devices will become invisible to malware attempting to grab your personal information. A simple download and subscription can keep you and your family safe in these changing times.


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