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Our Vision

We see a world where everyone can access the amazing resources of the Internet in the ways it was originally intended – as a fast, easy, safe, and convenient way to connect with computers and online services around the world.  Without concerns about your privacy or security being compromised, without the interruptions and costs associated with all the promotional advertisements that permeate almost every online experience these days.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve all our stakeholders in a trustworthy and professional manner with high-quality services and products that enhance and protect their online experiences.

Our Founder

Eugene Narciso has eighteen years of experience as Systems Engineer working for large companies, including Sony, Qualcomm, and MedImpact. He is the inventor of the Sentrie technology, and he was inspired to create a safer, more private experience for his young children as they began incorporating the Internet into their daily lives.

Eugene Narciso

Eugene Narciso


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