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Founded by two highly experienced technology entrepreneurs, Corporation has developed a patent-pending solution to the growing problem of personal security and privacy on the Internet, especially for mobile devices. Their subscription service, called Sentrie™, has been commercially available on the Google Play Store since March of 2019 and has proven to be a reliable, powerful, easy-to-use solution to stopping malware attacks, phishing, tracking, and advertising from ever reaching users’ mobile devices, reducing cellular data and costs by nearly half. With almost no marketing, more than 50,000 global users have downloaded and used the service so far. The company has been bootstrap-funded by the founders but is now raising $850,000 to enhance and scale its services and strategic marketing programs as well as roll out additional products for laptop/desktop computers and network appliances for both enterprise and home use. 2021 revenues are estimated at $1.1 million and 2023 revenues are forecast to exceed $9 million. The company is looking towards a future exit through an acquisition by a strategic partner, such as Cisco or Cloudflare, who have been actively acquiring companies like to enhance their own product offerings. Learn more at or contact Steve Morley, CEO/Co-founder, at


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