top of page is a leading technology company committed to developing innovative ways to protect your internet privacy by making you invisible to advertisers, phishing, tracking, and malware. We bring your Internet experience back to what it was always intended to be: a fast, private, secure, convenient way to access computers and services around the world.

Anchor 1 is pleased to announce our Android mobile app.


Sentrie saves you money by significantly reducing your cellular data usage, websites load faster and keeps you secure and private as you surf the Internet from your mobile device. Sentrie for Android shields your internet activities from targeted advertisements, blocks connection to known tracking companies, and prevents you from falling to phishing, viruses, ransom, and malware sites.

Try it for FREE for 7 days and then subscribe for less than $1.99/month.

Sentrie for Android
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Sentrie stops ads, tracking, and malware before they arrive on your device

Protects you from all the "bad things" on the Internet

Stops ads, viruses, tracking and other malware from being delivered to your Android device

No one can track you, including us!

Tracking and phishing attempts are stopped.

Secured Internet Access

Prevents anyone from redirecting your traffic to other than your intent destination

Works in all modes 

Works with cellular connections, WiFi connections.  Supports all browsers and other mobile apps, too!

How It Works

Any information that your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet receives must first submit a "DNS query" to a DNS server, typically provided by your internet or mobile cellular provider. DNS servers are referred to as the phone book of the internet. Sentrie checks the queries your devices make and determine if its a safe site, an advertisement service, viruses, known phishing scheme links or not before making the connection. This process happens in light speed, leaving you with the content you wanted without annoying targeted advertisements. Feel safe and secure again, knowing that your browsing activities are not being collected.

Woman enjoying fast and safe cellular internet with SecureDNS
Friends using SecureDNS to stay safe online

How This Benefits You

You may not know it, but this kind of unwanted traffic can take up as much as half of the data sent to your mobile device. You pay your cellular provider for the "privilege" of them sending you this unwanted information. You may not be aware that your device is sending this information because it happens automatically in many cases. By stopping all the unsolicited requests, not only you save cellular data costs, web pages load much faster, batteries last longer, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your information is private and note shared to tracking companies. Companies can't follow your every move on the Internet.

What We Log

Actually... nothing! Our servers leverage several globally aggregated data. We follow strict cybersecurity practices to ensure our users are safe. We continuously monitor our service's health and performance, constantly purge logs to prevent anyone from abusing it, and identify possible threats to our users and us. We can't and don't monitor or track any individual user, ever.

Family happy with their cellular internet protected by SecureDNS

Welcome to a faster, safer connected life with Sentrie

Reviews From Our Users

I don't usually write reviews , but this app has greatly improved how fast website's render, shown me how much "trash" is constantly being pushed to my phone , and how many ads are on a basic website. I would definitely recommend to a friend. I'm excited to see the Windows/Mac version. (Hopefully soon)

~ NM

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